Ni no Kuni II Announced For PS4

Developer Level-5 Have announced Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom for Playstation 4, a sequel to the 2013 awesome anime style role-playing game (Wrath of the White Witch) which they developed in conjunction with the talented animators at Studio Ghibli. They state: “Ni no Kuni II features an all new cast of charming characters, an […]

Saturday Fanart Feature: Chr0n0-X

This week’s feature is from an artist with an array of colorful pieces with each being as beautifully detailed as the last. I really like Chr0n0-X’s colour palette choices, and if you look carefully there are hidden patterns and textures in the shadows and highlights to give depth and a little something to make them just […]

Variable Action Heroes Dracule Mihawk

Another Megahouse production is now available for preorder, Variable Action Heroes Dracule Mihawk priced at RRP 9,180 JPY. This line just started this year with the production of Luffy, Law, Ace, Zoro and Sabo being released so far. Nami and Chopper are still in preorder phases and now Mihawk joins this exciting new line. The figure is […]