Review: Free!: Eternal Summer (Blu-Ray)

S: If you have ever felt that you’re missing something in your life then chances are that Free! can help fill that void. You may not know it yet, but Free! will soon consume your every waking moment in a way only sports anime can. The sheer excitement that is felt when watching beautifully animated pretty […]

July 2016, AVCon Feature image

AVCon 2016 round-up

Adelaide’s favourite annual anime and gaming convention, AVCon, took over the Adelaide Convention Centre 15-17 July 2016, and we joined the fray on Sunday morning to check out some anime, buy some merch and play some games. This year’s guests included noted voice actress Caitlin Glass and ABC’s team from Good Game. The morning itself […]

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First Impressions: Shokugeki no Souma: Ni no Sara

In a parallel, magical world where food causes sexual responses within the general population, the students of Totsuki Academy are competing for the top spot of their prestigious culinary school. It’s only three weeks into the Summer season and already Shokugeki no Souma has swept me up in the familiar hype. Forgoing all exposition entirely, the second […]

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Nintendo Classic Mini NES Coming November

If you’re looking to relive the days of CRT gaming or if you wanted to see what it was like for the miserable generation who somehow lived without HD graphics and online multiplayer, then it’s your lucky day. Nintendo has just announced their Mini NES, which will be released this year on the 10th of November in Australia. Retailing […]

Sword Art Online Ordinal Scale Trailer

A subtitled movie trailer for Sword Art Online Ordinal Scale has been uploaded to YouTube. Planned for release in 2017, the SAO film will follow Kirito, Asuna, and friends and their experience with the new augmented reality game, ‘Ordinal Scale’. As shown in the trailer, ‘Ordinal Scale’ is an immensely popular game that allows for […]

July 2016, AVCon Preview Feature image

AVCon 2016 is on this weekend in Adelaide

AVCon is back for 2016, and we’ll be there to join Adelaide as we do our otaku thing this weekend from 15th-17th July 2016. The three-day event organised by Team AVCon is stacked with panels, cosplaying, anime screenings, gaming tournaments and special appearances by gaming and anime voice actress Caitlin Glass plus the Good Game […]