Saturday Fanart Feature: Chr0n0-X

This week’s feature is from an artist with an array of colorful pieces¬†with each being as beautifully detailed as the last. I really like Chr0n0-X’s colour palette choices, and if you look carefully there are hidden patterns and textures in the shadows and highlights to give depth and a little something to make them just a bit more special.


My name is Chr0n0 (Jono) and I am a digital artist from Australia. I have been drawing since I was a kid but have started to take my craft more seriously in illustrations this past year. I love starting with a blank piece of paper and being able to create my own world with any colour at my disposal. I draw Disney, Ghibli and anime…anything that inspires me. I am always aiming to improve to the next level and hope to continue to create beautiful pieces of artwork that people will enjoy.


[Chr0n0-X] Frozen Fever Elsa ss

[Chr0n0-X] Rapunzels

[Chr0n0-X] The violinist2s


[Chr0n0-X] Umarusa


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