December 2016, Psycho Pass The Movie, Feature image

Review: Psycho Pass The Movie (Blu-Ray)

Psycho Pass The Movie follows the two excellent TV series’ that precede it. Given the pedigree of its predecessors and the broad socio-political themes that dominated both, the release of a theatrical feature provides challenges and opportunities in translating the MWPSB’s activities onto the big screen. Since the conclusion of the second TV series, the […]

Review: Yowamushi Pedal Part 3 (DVD)

The Inter-High continues as the Sohoku Bicycle Team celebrate their first victory of the day in a race between the sprinters. Hoping for another win, the team have high hopes for their climber, Makishima ‘the Peak Spider’ as he takes on Hakone’s climber Todou.  All the while, the team aces prepare for the last stretch […]

Review: Rin-Ne Part 2 (DVD)

Sakura Mamiya’s ability to see the spirits stuck wandering the earth has made her life complicated, and the complexities continue as she and her half-human, half-Shinigami classmate Rinne Rokudo help these lost souls find their way to the next world. But it’s not all supernatural ghosts and spooks, as Sakura and Rinne attempt to figure […]

Review: Yowamushi Pedal Part 2 (DVD)

The Sohoku Bicycle Team are back in the saddle and doing what they do best, eating, breathing, and sleeping cycling. In preparation for the big Inter-High competition, the club continue their training in Hakone, spending their days riding laps in order to qualify for the final line-up. But as first years of the club, Onoda, […]

Free updates for Final Fantasy XV

Along with the DLC that is already on the way, Square Enix just announced plans to steadily release free updates as well. From general quality of life improvements for the game, to some very appreciated added content, it seems like Final Fantasy XV will continue to be relevent for some time to come. Outlined in his blog post […]