Review: Naruto Shippuden Collection 24 (DVD)

In Naruto Shippuden, more progress is being made with the Fourth Great Ninja War. Where we last left Gaara our sand loving friend faces off against a few new foes, which have been revived by the Impure World Reincarnation Jutsu. This includes Rasa (The Fourth Kazekage/Gaara’s father), Second Mizukage (Hōzuki Gengetsu), the Third Raikage (Sandaime) […]

Review: Fairy Tail Collection 17 (Blu-Ray)

In this volume of Fairy Tail we are at the tale end of the Grand Magic Games (an annual competition held to determine the strongest guild in Fiore). Only the most powerful wizards are left to clash to see who is the victor of the games. Meanwhile behind the scenes our main protagonist Natsu is […]