Review: Hunter X Hunter Part 3 (Eps 59-88) (Blu-Ray)

With the Phantom Troupe defeated, Gon an Killua turn their sights to acquiring a copy of the video game Greed Island in order to continue their search for Gon’s father. Able to enter the game thanks to a wealthy benefactor, the two quickly discover that Greed Island operates on a very different set of rules […]

Cowboy Bebop Original Soundtrack vinyl, feature image

Review: Cowboy Bebop Original Soundtrack (Vinyl)

It seems odd that it’s taken this long for a vinyl release of Cowboy Bebop’s soundtrack. With the ongoing vinyl resurgence straddling the lines around novelty, collectability and audio wankery, Milan Records’ release of such a seminal anime series’ iconic soundtrack was sure to draw attention. The tight integration of music and anime has been […]