Major Ghibli Exhibit Opening in Tokyo

A massive Studio Ghibli exhibit will be set up in Tokyo’s Roppongi Hills, at the Tokyo City View building. The exhibit will be open from 7 July to 11 September, and will showcase Studio Ghibli posters, photos, documents, artwork, and animation material from the last thirty years. Movies ranging from Nausicaa of the Valley of […]

Nintendo’s Two Days of Dreams

Nintendo’s two days of E3 goodness has come and gone. Leaving some hopes fulfilled and others crushed. Being highly pessimistic of the whole endeavour, I am pleasantly surprised with everything. Day one started with a bang, a new trailer for the newly named the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. A brief interlude into […]

Review: Tokyo ESP Complete Series DVD

Obtaining new found powers and following a protagonist through their learning experiences in nothing new really, it’s actually quite a common theme in anime and western style fiction. Tokyo ESP is tackling that theme in a different way, and is looking at the society in a whole and how it is effected by a large group of […]