Fullmetal Alchemist Live-Action Adaptation

According to Japanese News site Livedoor, Hiromu Arakawa’s critically acclaimed Fullmetal Alchemist manga series is getting the live-action treatment. The series is no stranger to adaptations. The story of the Elric brothers and their journey to correct their mistakes in meddling with the laws of alchemy has seen two separate anime series, several animated movie […]

Review: Naruto Shippuden Collection 24 (DVD)

In Naruto Shippuden, more progress is being made with the Fourth Great Ninja War. Where we last left Gaara our sand loving friend faces off against a few new foes, which have been revived by the Impure World Reincarnation Jutsu. This includes Rasa (The Fourth Kazekage/Gaara’s father), Second Mizukage (Hōzuki Gengetsu), the Third Raikage (Sandaime) […]

Dark Souls III Launch Trailer

When a person speaks of Japanese RPGs, generally it invokes thoughts of the technical fantasy environments of Final Fantasy or the colourful and cartoony visuals of Dragon Quest. Dark Souls has challenged this perception before with its gritty presentation and unique emphasis on death and harsh combat, and this April it is set to do […]

March 2016 Sailor Moon Collection 2 DVD Review, feature image

Review: Sailor Moon: Season 1 Part 2 (DVD)

I’ve gushed about my odd love for the 1990s adaptation of Naoko Takeuchi’s touchstone series Sailor Moon many times since getting hooked on the show in 1996. I possibly got a bit unnecessarily nerd excited when reviewing this collection’s predecessor if we’re being objective. I was considering trying to be a bit more level-headed as […]

Pokémon GO: Gyms, Pokémon Eggs, and More

The official Japanese Pokémon website recently released some new images and information about Pokémon GO, their upcoming Smartphone game. Most of it relates to basic gameplay elements, but it’s an interesting update for Pokémon fans nonetheless. According to the update, the availability of Pokémon will largely coincide with their in-game locations. If you live near […]

First Impressions: Ajin

If I was to question a handful of people on the pros and cons of immortality, I’m willing to bet that the general response would be a positive one. And why not? Logically, the more time you’re alive the more time you have to enjoy the things life has to offer, right? Well, Ajin is […]

March 2016 Space Dandy Part 2 Blu-Ray Review, feature image

Review: Space Dandy Part 2 (Blu-Ray)

Space Dandy’s moments of clarity and brilliance carved out a little niche of piqued interest when I reviewed the first season back in December. With season two shining its way onto Blu-Ray I figured it was a good opportunity to see where this delightful space opera could go as it wraps up its seemingly frivolous […]