AVCon 2015 round-up

AVCon, Adelaide’s premiere and long-running anime and video gaming convention, added it’s unique flavour to Adelaide’s CBD over 17-19 July 2015 and we were in attendance on the Sunday to check things out. For Inferno and I it was a little weird, having attended the first few AVCons when they were based at Adelaide Uni. […]

Street Fighter V Beta ends early

The Street Fighter V Beta which induced much excitement last week has apparently been canned for the moment. Reading up on USGamer, it sounds like Capcom are ending the first round of beta testing early as many people have been experiencing significant issues getting into the game at all (myself included), causing frustration to those […]

Dragon Ball Kill Counts

A Spanish artist called Alberto Cubatas has done something really awesome – he’s put together a visualisation of Dragon Ball kill counts. As you can see the Saiyans – Trunks, Vegeta and Goku had a fair body stack throughout the series, but that’s not the case for everyone. Enjoy, it gave me a bit of […]

First Impressions: Charlotte Episode 1

P.A. Works try their hand at an original anime this time around. Having just come off from a rather successful series (Shirobako), they went with something completely new, using no source material. Now, on the surface Charlotte seems like a typical super powered, coming-of-age anime, but I like that misdirection. It lends itself on a lot […]

Evangelion Bullet Train in Development

A new bullet train in Japan is in development to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Neon Genesis Evangelion and the 20th anniversary of the Sanyō Shinkansen line that makes the journey between Osaka and Fukuoaka on a daily basis. Anime director Hideaki Anno and original mecha designer Ikuto Yamashita are working directly on the project and […]

Street Fighter V Beta

Exciting news – with thanks to Inferno for the heads-up, following my application I’ve just received the all-clear to give the beta for Street Fighter V a whirl on the PS4! While I’m very much a Ken scrub, I enjoyed SF4 so much I went and bought it new at retail for every iteration (madness) […]