Privacy Policy

At Anime Inferno our aim is to respect your privacy as part of interacting with us online. To this end, we hope the following discourse on our approach to privacy will answer your questions.

What we collect

In principle we aim to collect as little data as practical as part of running the Anime Inferno website.

We use Google Analytics to track website usage (currently set to [anonymise data] and expire all data older than 24 months), Google AdSense for our ad service to try and offset our hosting costs and we ask you to provide some identifiers if you leave a comment.

We utilise the Facebook Developers API to automatically share any new posts on the website to our Facebook page and have configured our systems to use as little data as possible as part of this configuration.

As we are active on social media, any current and future integrations may also expose your engagements with us on these platforms on our website. For example, if we install a plugin that displays our Instagram, YouTube or Facebook feeds on the website, your comments or likes may appear here as well.

If you utilise the Contact Us page, we’ll ask you to include a name and contact email so we can respond to you.

We also have a number of security systems in place as part of our configuration. This means things like your public IP address will be seen by our systems to reduce spam activities and potential attacks on our systems. We do this to keep the website secure and reliable.

Opting out?

Want to opt out of any of the above? No worries – you can use your browser to block any and all elements from Anime Inferno, whether it be cookies from leaving comments, blocking Google AdSense, Google Analytics or any of the social media platforms we use. Google also creates a browser plugin to opt out of Google Analytics which is available here.

Note that depending on how much you block it may impact some functionality of the site (such as leaving comments), but we don’t mandate ads or paywalls in front of any of our content so we hope there will be minimal impact to your experience when visiting our website.

Third party privacy policies

If you’d like to read more about those tools and their privacy policies please visit the following locations:


If you have any further questions on our privacy policy don’t hesitate to get in touch.