Variable Action Heroes Dracule Mihawk

Another Megahouse production is now available for preorder, Variable Action Heroes Dracule Mihawk priced at RRP 9,180 JPY. This line just started this year with the production of Luffy, Law, Ace, Zoro and Sabo being released so far. Nami and Chopper are still in preorder phases and now Mihawk joins this exciting new line. The figure is about 18cm, which is the same size as the other VAH figures.

VAH allows for various poses through articulated joints and this is a dream come true for one piece fans that like to replicate scenes or create dioramas with their figures. With other popular companies such as Good Smile Company and Bandai already producing successful articulated figures, it would be crazy for Megahouse to not join in.

mihawk e



This figure does not come with any interchangeable parts unlike some of the other VAH figures but nonetheless still very well made. It makes up for those who missed out on POP Mihawk with the quality quite on par with its POP counterpart plus you can pose him however you want! If you are already collecting VAH then this will be a great addition to your collection or  a worthwhile investment for box collectors being an initial production release. Lots of contemplation on my end but to give in or to resist, that is a never ending dilemma.

This figure is set for a March 2016 release date, so there’s plenty of time to save up. Here are some links you can place your preorders at Amiami and BigInJapan priced at 7,250 JPY and 7,480 JPY respectively. Available until sold out!

P.S We haven’t seen any pics yet but Boa Hancock has been announced previously as the next VAH figure!