Review: Hunter X Hunter Part 2 (Eps 27-58) (Blu-Ray)

In need of a way to become stronger and earn cash on the side, Gon and Killua head to Heavens Arena to test their skills following the events of the Hunter Exam. While advancing through the many floors of the arena, the two meet a young fighter named Zushi and his mentor Wing, who teach […]

January 2021, Ride Your Wave Feature Image

Review: Ride Your Wave (Blu-Ray)

Ride Your Wave hits the Australian market in time for our usual toasty summer, with Masaaki Yuasa promising an interesting spin on a modern anime rom com. Hinako Mukaimizu has moved to a new town by the ocean in an attempt to juggle her love of surfing while studying at university. One night her apartment […]

December 2020, Cop Craft, Feature image

Review: Cop Craft (Blu-Ray)

Cop Craft promises a return to a good old fashioned hard-boiled detective narrative with a fantasy twist. With a gritty look and MA15+ rating at the ready, let’s see where things go for a genre that gets very little attention these days in the anime scene. Cop Craft is set in an alternate universe where […]