Review: Goodnight Punpun Vol. 1

Punpun Punyama is a shy eleven-year-old boy living in Japan. He’s interested in space, girls, and the super-secret porn watchers club he and his friends are in. The twist is that the author Inio Asano represents Punpun and his family as odd, simply drawn birds. However, this is merely a figurative representation for the reader, […]

Review: Tokyo Ghoul Manga Vol 3 & 4

Most manga fanatics are familiar with Tokyo Ghoul by now, and I think it starts to really take off in the 3rd and 4th volumes as the world is a bit more fleshed out, and the initial impression of ghouls beating up on each other and preying on random people in the darkness is scratched away into […]

New Cardcaptor Sakura Manga Announced

Following the 20th Anniversary celebration of the Carcaptor Sakura series, the team at Clamp will be debuting a sequel manga in the shoujo magazine Nakayoshi. No longer an elementary school student, the new series will follow Sakura Kinomoto in her first year of junior high and the events that unfold after she has a mysterious […]

Review: Saturn Apartments

I think a lot of people who enjoy manga can name that one special series off the top of their head. You know, that one that just stays with you, the one you use as a gold standard when deciding whether or not to let a new series take up space on the shelf. For […]

Review: Assassination Classroom Vol 1 manga

Assassination Classroom is definitely an interesting and unique manga falling into the genre of comedy/shounen/action category. Students of class E-3 of the elite Kunugigaoka Junior High School are ordered by the government’s representatives to eliminate their homeroom teacher named Koro-sensei, who is an alien that destroyed half of the moon with plans of destroying the Earth as well. […]

Review: Food Wars Vol. 08 (Manga)

Food Wars! Vol. 08 picks up right where the battle for the Fall Classic Preliminaries left off in volume 7, with Soma and curry master Akira Hayama. This particular battle was highly anticipated, for obvious reasons, and author Tsukuda and illustrator Saeki do not disappoint. Of course, both dishes are incredibly crafted and presented in the […]