Review: Hunter X Hunter Part 5 (Eps 119-148) (Blu-Ray)

The fight against the Chimera Ant King and his Royal Guards continues, with the extermination team scattered throughout the Chimera Ants’ headquarters while far away the battle between Chairman Netero of the Hunter Association and the King begins in earnest. Having cornered Neferpitou, Gon reluctantly agrees to give him an hour to heal Komugi, a […]

Review: Id: Invaded Complete Series (DVD / Blu-Ray Combo)

When inside a person’s id well, Akihito Narahisago becomes the Brilliant Detective Sakaido. Within this mental plane, Sakaido is able to venture into the unconscious minds of serial killers and assists the Kura Department in finding clues to the to the identity of the killers before they can strike again. Sakaido is assisted in his […]