Saturday Fanart Feature: TsaoShin

Perusing through TsaoShin’s gallery is like peeking into a vibrant world bought to life with beautiful soft imagery, you get pleasantly lost wandering through each artwork. A mish mash of Disney, anime and original characters that are represented so wonderfully in his style, it’s hard to find something not to like. It is also a pleasant surprise to see his funnier side, and the gold at the end of the rainbow is the Grumpy-Cat & Disney crossovers making some of the most iconic movie scenes a generally unhappy event.


My name is Eric Proctor and I’m a digital painter based in Maryland. I work full time for a research laboratory as a conceptual artist. During my free time, I create the artwork that you see in my galleries and I enjoy fantasy, fandom, and light hearted themes. In college, I focused primarily in oil painting and traditional methods.

It wasn’t until after graduation that I transferred to digital mediums. The way I paint now is heavily influenced by my background in oil painting and I try to maintain a softer brushed look in all my digital work. Artwork has always been about story telling and mood to me so I gravitate toward making pieces that can communicate those ideas. My biggest inspirations are Disney animators like Glen Keane, Aaron Blaise, and Chris Sanders. I also find inspiration in nature and animals.




Check out TsaoShin’s galleries below for new updates and goodies.


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