Saturday Fanart Feature: Fai-is-sexy

This week we have Fai-is-sexy, an Australian artist who has a wonderful gallery of fanarts and originals created using traditional medias as well as computer drawn pieces. I was surprised when I saw Vector artwork in there too as you do not see this very often, and compared to drawing with brushes vector is a whole other ball game! With such a varied and colourful gallery, I couldn’t stop flicking through page after page!

My first main source of inspiration to draw was from my dad, I’d always find funny drawings around the house and want to do the same sort of thing. In primary school we’d do a lot of drawing, there was one kid in class that was great, I’d always aspire to be as good as him, so I’d practice, and practice. It wasn’t until high school when I met my best friend, she got me into anime. After seeing this art style I wanted to draw the same things. I practiced harder and kept doing so for 11 years. My main message to everyone is keep practicing and have fun, look for inspiration in others artworks and use tutorials to help develop your skills further.
To show your support and to see more of Fai-is-sexy’s artwork, head on over to her Deviantart gallery HERE!
 Maid Miku - Vocaloid  Peppermint Butler- Adventure Time  Vi-League of Legends Irisa Nolan- Defiance
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