Saturday Fanart Feature : AussieGirl

In the spirit of community and sharing, we are holding a weekly fanart feature for artists who want to show their work and meet more like minded people. For the first week I am getting the ball rolling with some of my own artwork, which mind you the most complete pieces are quite old and mainly Naruto based.

My artistic streak comes from my fantastically talented mother, and some of my fondest young memories were painting together and trying to imitate her skills, which I seemed to have forgotten as I am now quite shockingly bad with traditional media (there’s no Crtl+z). I could only wish to have her talents with ink, pencil, gouache and paint and her inspirations for her artworks comes from the most subtle places, and she turns them into something amazing. I turned my attention to digital media with my canvas of choice being photoshop and Open Canvas, my brush is a wacom tablet. During and after highschool, I would sit for hours drawing long into the night, and I wish I had that kind of time and carefree attitude now days. I suppose that’s the luxury of not working full time.

I draw now when I can, my life keeps a pretty busy schedule juggling work, house upkeep, socializing and reading/watching anime. I am trying to get time off work to put into my Graphic Design as well, and hopefully drawing more for for fun and maybe attending conventions again one day. Below are three of my early finished pieces, some are drawn on paper, scanned in and colored in Photoshop, and some are drawn entirely digital.

BLEACH  naruto halloween  NARUTO mirai copy

If you want to be featured on our Saturday Fanart Feature please email your submissions to and follow the guidelines below.
1. Tell us about yourself, your influences, media choices and anything else you want us to know. (no commission, trade or sale information please)
2. You can submit maximum 4 images in JPEG format, 300dpi and longest edge max 730pixels and let me know which one you want to be the main feature (main feature will be cropped to 730px wide x 511px high so pic an image close to that size) . Images can be fanarts of animations, comics/manga, video games and movies.
3. Tasteful images only, no nudies or violence. Anything unsuitable will not be displayed.
4. Please provide any links to your art page so we can help people find your gallery (eg. Deviantart, instagram, tumblr etc etc)
5. If you want to protect your art online, it’s your discretion if you want to add watermarks.