2015 Summer Anime Mini Review Wrap-Up.

Delusional Hair: No idea why I put myself though this lengthy torment of watching all these titles for the winter anime season, but I did, and I kinda hate myself for doing it. But I stuck it out and there are some thoughts on what I finished. Aoharu x Kikanjuu 4/10 An anime about air soft […]

First Impressions: Charlotte Episode 1

P.A. Works try their hand at an original anime this time around. Having just come off from a rather successful series (Shirobako), they went with something completely new, using no source material. Now, on the surface Charlotte seems like a typical super powered, coming-of-age anime, but I like that misdirection. It lends itself on a lot […]

First Impressions: Prison School Episode 1

J.C. Staff’s take on Hachimitsu Private Academy, an elite, prestigious boarding school for girls has recently changed its policy to allow boys into the school. Now, with a ratio of 200:1, five boys who rarely interact with the opposite sex are surrounded by them. What happens when five hormone-riddled males, with few social interactions with females, are faced […]