Kotaku’s eye-opening expose of EB Games

On Monday, Kotaku’s Mark Serrels published a lengthy piece on the difficult experiences of staff working at Australian EB Games stores. The article also echoes a story published on the Sydney Morning Herald’s site in May with similar information to what was reported in Serrels’ article. EB Games have officially responded to the articles stating […]

Naruto And The Next Generation

Naruto is written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto, and the series started running in Shounen Jump in 1999, with the original one shot in 1997 (I think). When it FINALLY came to a conclusion at the end of 2014, it was quite sad for those of us that had been following it from near the beginning. There were […]

OnePunch Man Anime Coming October 2015

For those of you unfamiliar with OnePunch Man, you need to get onto the bandwagon and start reading this. It is a ridiculous superhero battle manga originally running as a webcomic, illustrated and written by ONE (pen name) since 2009. This series pretty much went viral, and is currently being re-made by superb illustrator Yusuke Murata who […]