Street Fighter V Beta offline

After downloading the modest 1.4gb beta copy of Street Fighter V last night I was all ready to jump in to see where things are at.

Unfortunately every time I try to jump in I get a connectivity error message – a little bit of research pointed back to the Capcom Unity blog and it looks like their beta servers are currently offline to fix up the issues that have affecting functionality.

It would have been nice if there was an offline training mode ready to go in case the servers dropped out, but since this is a beta beggars can’t be choosers. On the upside Capcom have said they’ll extend the beta program now, so hopefully things will look a bit better tomorrow or later on next week.

I also checked the state of PS3 controller functionality as I’m rather fond of my Raphnet Saturn adapter I use for fighting games on the PS3, but it wasn’t working on the beta. However, Capcom have noted that PS3 controller support isn’t in place in the beta so it isn’t surprising. As I’m better on a Saturn pad than an arcade stick I’ll be crossing my fingers this adapter will work in the final build though!

Anywho, I’ll post some hands-on thoughts once I’ve had a chance to squeeze in a few rounds when the servers are back up.