New Pokémon Trailer Crashes In

For those of you slightly behind the news wave that just hit our shores, a new trailer for Pokémon Sun and Moon was released. In it, we were given the most important pieces of information needed for any Pokémon fan. That is to say, both the starters and the legendaries were revealed. This time around […]


Itomo, Youtomo, Miitomo!

If you’ve been alive this past month and have heard nothing about the beauty that is Miitomo, then you’ve clearly been living under a rock the whole time. Nintendo’s venture into the smartphone app world is old news to most, but that doesn’t make it any less relevant. To be perfectly honest, I expected to burn […]

New Pokémon Nendoroids look awesome

The next Pokémon Nendoroid release has been detailed on the Japanese Pokemon website. Featuring the two trainers from Pokémon Red and Blue/Green (depending on your region/nerd level), you too can add yet more plastic crack to your collection of stuff if you so wish. According to the translation at Siliconera, each set will contain both […]