Star Fox Zero: The Battle Begins Anime

Nintendo has released an anime short that ties in with their new addition to the Star Fox series, Star Fox Zero for the Wii U. The short, titled Star Fox Zero: The Battle Begins is a 15 minute long collaboration between Nintendo, Production IG, and WIT Studios. Both studios are known for their work on various anime series, including Ghost in the Shell and Attack on Titan respectively, and they’ve done a great job bringing Fox and his team to life. In honesty, it’s a surprising feat given the 15 minute length of the short, but it works.

Star Fox Zero: The Battle Begins has some great visuals and a lot of tongue-in-cheek humour. For those unfamiliar with the Star Fox characters or universe, this short is an entertaining introduction to the series. For Star Fox veterans, it’s got some great nods to previous games and is sure to have something you’ll love. It’s fast, fun, and available in its entirety on Nintendo’s YouTube channel in both English and Japanese.

You can check out the English dub below.