New Pokémon Trailer Crashes In

For those of you slightly behind the news wave that just hit our shores, a new trailer for Pokémon Sun and Moon was released. In it, we were given the most important pieces of information needed for any Pokémon fan. That is to say, both the starters and the legendaries were revealed.

This time around they have really amped up the cuteness rating on the starter pokémon. The Fire starter is Litten, a kitten emblazoned in red and black that meows almost like a real cat. Does the dark colouring hint towards a Fire/Dark typing? Popplio is the Water starter, a blue seal that is also a clown. Will it end up as another Dewgong/Sealo and become a Water/Ice type? Finally, Rowlet is the Grass starter, a tiny owl whose head can spin the full 360 degrees. It is already a dual type at Grass/Flying. Will it grow into the large bird-like pokémon we saw in the original trailer? We shall have to wait for answers but hopefully not for too long.

Pokemon starters

In regards to the legendaries, they look pretty cool to me. Both of them clearly represent the sun and the moon respectively which is definitely a plus. The sun legendary is a majestic lion and the moon legendary is a giant bat. Though the names were not in the trailer, back in April Game Freak did file trademarks for the names ソルガレオ (Solgaleo) and ルナアーラ (Lunaala) which are pretty safe bets for the names.

Finally some sad news for those hoping for a world-wide release date, there isn’t going to be one. We know this because both the American and Japanese trailers have the 18th of November while the UK trailer has the 23rd. Australia and New Zealand have also been announced for the 18th. Not too big of a gap, but still slightly disappointing.

So there you have it, the hype boat is about to set off from the pier for the Alola Region. Please make sure you have your tickets ready and are stocked up on pokéballs before boarding. Catch the trailer here if you missed it.

Pokemon Alola