Pokémon Go – Brings Pokémon into the Real World

The Pokémon Company have announced  a new augmented reality mobile game in development called Pokémon Go, which will be available for free on iOS & Android devices in 2016.

The game has been developed by Niantic (a former Google startup) along with Nintendo.

Pokémon Go uses GPS locations to allow its players to experience hunting down, trading and battling Pokémon which roam freely around the world. You could discover a Charizard hanging about the Sydney Opera House or a Magikarp at the Great Barrier Reef!

Nintendo have also developed a smartwatch-style companion device so you don’t have to stare at your phone all day long. The Pokéball device (pictured below) will vibrate and light up to alert you when you get close to any Pokémon in the real world.


Check out the video below:

Source: Gamespot