First Impressions: Working!!! (3rd Season) Episode 1

This is the third (and final, I believe) season of this quite hilariously done Comedy/Slice of Life anime adapted from manga by the same name.


We once again follow Souta Takanashi at his part-time job; the Wagnaria family restaurant. Along with his daily interactions with fellow employees, and family members.


A-1 Pictures once again handles the anime adaption quite well, with clean animation, solid, distinctive VA work and generally well paced (and applied) comedic moments. The strongest thing this third season brings to the table is the romantic and person events presented and grown in the first two seasons are now coming into fruition. That was possibly the biggest drawback from the season second season of this anime, as the focus was the comedy and the personal stories were left stagnant, with no direction. Now we have proper character development, personal stories that are starting to head towards their own conclusion, while still delivering the same, bright, happy comedy and fun characters.


I will say the OP for this season draws a lot of the same energy from the first season, which is great, as I love the original OP a lot, and the visuals (from all three seasons) are just so much fun to watch that I hardly ship them.


This is in my top five anime for the season, definitely. Always eagerly awaiting a new episode every week, excited to see where the conclusions place all the characters, and a little sad that this may be the end of the Waganria stories. If you are a fan of this show, you will not be disappointed by this season, and if you are someone new to it, and enjoy witty banter and comedic slice of life moments, this is the show for you (of course, watch the first two seasons).