– The Little Anime Streaming Search Engine (that could).

With legal anime streaming sites growing (especially in Western countries), it’s starting to become a hassle – having to search for them, and sign up to each site just to see and view a particular  title.

A couple of days ago @mczub, released a search engine site that cuts out that little annoyance in your anime viewing life. A rather simple, eaasy to use site, where you type in the title you’re looking for, and it’ll highlight the streaming sites that host said title.


It’s a wonderfully novel idea, and I’m surprised it isn’t something that a lot of people would have thought up before.

I caught Mr. mczub with some free time from his busy scheduled of increasing the site, watching anime and fighting the good anime fight on Reddit:


When asked about the idea behind

“… is a search engine for legal streaming anime that tries to get you to the shows you want to watch as quickly as possible. Basically, I got tired of Google being useless for finding legal streaming sites, so I went and compiled shows from a bunch of sources, along with a simple UI to hunt through them.”

I genuinely love this site, and idea, as a lot of Western fans are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Either you go down the torrenting road (which does suck, as for a niche ‘hobby’ it’s hard not to) just to keep up to date with currently airing anime shows, or you wade through multiple sites just to see if a certain title is being aired there.


And of course, the most important questions of them all: The origin of the name.

“Haha, I’d actually bought the domain name first before I came up with the idea for the site. I was searching through some names and eventually saw this one was available, which was kind of a “how had nobody ever thought to register this yet?” moment. Besides, it’s a good explanation for why a lot of people like anime :)”


Currently there are three countries the site supports: USA, Canada and the UK.

Of course, I asked about Australia being added, and he did state that it will be added, along with others.