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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Released Worldwide!

Square’s latest escapade into the mobile gaming scene has returned to the roots of the franchise in a refreshing way. While Final Fantasy Record Keeper was most definitely an entertaining addition of the series onto mobile, it always felt like it lacked story, or a meaningful progression system, as well as any form of exploration. Instead, it focused primarily on the constant grind that is upgrading your characters and equipment. Brave Exvius, however, features a completely original story that is reminiscent of the medieval styled games in the main series; crystals and all.

Similar to most mobile games these days, Brave Exvius possesses an energy system to limit how much you can play at a time. Most likely this is used in an attempt to entice players to purchase Lapis (the microtransaction currency of the game) and refill their energy to continue playing. Personally, I’m juggling several games that include this system and have found an enjoyable balance in the use of each game’s energy. Most games have plenty to do or sort through that can help pass time while waiting for energy to refill, and with several games to choose from it’s easy to switch between them when waiting. That being said, I haven’t arrived at a point where I’ve needed to do that in Brave Exvius yet.

The battle system in Brave Exvius is similar to most turn based Final Fantasy titles, though initially it seems much simpler. With the level progression system that is present in the game, and the customisable weapons, abilities, and party members, I’m sure that the strategy involved in the battles is more complex than what it seems. So far, battles have contained around three waves of enemies to defeat, in a way that is similar to how Record Keeper presents them. In terms of party customisation, the Vision system provides an RNG element to who you can add , which includes many familiar faces from the Final Fantasy series as well as some original characters introduced in this game.

Brave Exvius Main Characters

Check out the trailer on the game’s official website here, and if you’re interested be sure to download the game before July 18 to ensure you grab up the rewards that are being given out thanks to the Crystal Milestone promotional campaign. If you have any questions or would just like a handy guide to help you get started, then be sure to check out the Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Subreddit’s thread on beginning the game here.

Although I can’t say that I’ve progressed very far into the game, I am thoroughly enjoying the intuitive interface and design that Square has provided for Brave Exvius, and I look forward to seeing how the game will be updated over the course of its lifespan.

Download it on the App Store or on the Google Play Store and keep an eye out for me in there!