Megahouse One Piece Portrait of Pirates Limited and Exclusive Sanji S.O.C Edition

Introducing a new line by Megahouse, S.O.C, which stands for Sitting On Chair with the first character being Sanji. Sanji is a cook and a pirate of the Strawhat Crew and also the top 3 strongest person of the crew. It seems like 2016 is a year of fan service figures with characters such as Nami, Nico Robin and Boa in their bikini outfit released so far. However, it will only be fair if the female fans get some loving too, hence Sanji sitting on a chair with his top unbuttoned is the next fan service figure up for preorder. Preorders open on the 1st of April in Japan.

sanji 3

sanji 4

sanji 5


This figure is priced at ¥12,528 within Japan so us foreigners will most likely be paying more than RRP. I don’t particular like his face though and as far as I can tell Megahouse has not been able to replicate Sanji’s face 100% yet but it is a very hefty price tag for what it is…. Biginjap already has it up for ¥13,500 and we will most likely see others online shops opening preorders very soon.