Portrait of Pirates One Piece Luffy ver 2

Megahouse has finally started preorders for Portrait of Pirates Monkey D. Luffy Sailing Again ver 2 with RRP of 9,990 JPY. This is the second Luffy figure made in the Portrait of Pirates ‘Sailing Again’ line. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Portrait of Pirates line, so far it is divided into 14 classes. The Sailing Again line designs the characters after the timeskip with emphasis mainly on the straw hat crew and some principal or new characters.

This is Luffy version 1 released in 2012.

LuffyAlthough POP figures come in static poses, Megahouse tends to include interchangeable parts such as facial expressions, hat, arms, etc to make the figure more dynamic compared to the initial POP figures which were limited to their designed pose.


Specifications of Version 2 Luffy

Scale: Approx 1/8

Size: 220mm

Includes optional left arm part and expression part.

This is the pose that you will receive.


This pose is with the optional left arm

Luffy 2

Lastly, the optional facial expression

Luffy 3

Compared to version 1, it seems to me version 2 lacks in interchangeable parts. However, it is still a great figure and I leave it up to you if you think this figure is worth adding to your collection.

Luffy POP ver 2 will be released in April 2016. I usually preorder from either BiginJapan or Amiami, with prices being 8,140 JPY and 7,890 JPY respectively.