Become a Titan with Adobe!

I think Attack on Titan fan’s will get a kick out of this – so I had to share!

Adobe have released a site which allows you to transform yourself into a crazy hideous Titan.

All you need to do is go to Adobe’s Real Titanising Device and it will merge any image of your choice (this can be a picture of you, a friend or even your grandma) and it’ll merge the image with a randomly generated Titan and voila instant Titan of passion!

In order to make it work properly a few suggestions:

  • Photo must be taken from the front
  • Without wearing glasses
  • From the chest up
  • Only one person in the photo
  • Don’t have a cluttered background – use a wall as a background.

The guys at Anime Inferno would love to see how your Titan-selfie turned out! Post it on our Facebook page.

A few of the Anime Inferno crew have been having fun – see images below:



Iron Chap

┬áPlease note: The site is in Japanese – but it’s pretty easy to work out – just select your photo and hit the big red button.

Source: Anime News Network