March 2017, StarTech PEXHDCAP60L Capture Card Review & Demo Reel, Feature image

Video: StarTech PEXHDCAP60L Review & Demo Reel

It’s video time again! Today we look at how we went with the StarTech PSXHDCAP60L video capture card. This is a rebadged Micomsoft SC-512N1-L/DVI, also known as a SA7160.

We run through the initial config and touch on a number of issues we had getting it up and running before following on with some hands-on impressions.

The bulk of the video looks at how the StarTech PEXHDCAP60L coped with a huge variety of consoles across composite video, s-video, component video and HDMI, with resolutions 240p, 288p, 480i, 576i and 1080p. As part of the testing we checked out PAL and NTSC variations where practical including testing how it works with NTSC 3.56, NTSC4.43/PAL60 and PAL. Consoles and media are pretty extensive too, with the stress tests spread over more than 20 devices, starting with an Atari 2600 and ending with a Sony PlayStation 4.

And for those who checked out our last video, we finish up with a fun (if artefact-riddled and muted) laserdisc capture!

The config process for the StarTech PEXHDCAP60L was quite complex, but if there’s interest I’m happy to post up the configuration in a later video or blog post showing how we went about setting things up in AmaRec TV.

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