February 2017, Video - Goody Japan Review and pickups image

Video: Review of Goody Japan and pickups

Anime inferno is finally doing the video/YouTube thing! It’s been a while so we’re a little rusty, but we hope you enjoy it.

For our first video we’ve reviewed Goody Japan, a Japan-based shipping agent that can allow you to order from Japanese stores and auction sites that don’t normally ship internationally. The second half of the video is a round-up of what I picked up and features some merch, retro games, some LPs and laserdiscs.

Probably too many laserdiscs… but man, it was a lot of fun shopping for them!

We’d also like to acknowledge Kyle Matthews for generously providing the stock footage we used at the start of the video. You can see more of his work (including his excellent series of videos on a recent trip to Japan) at kyol.ca or on Vimeo at vimeo.com/kyol.

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