May 2017, Video - Lets Play Wonderboy - The Dragon's Trap feature image

Video: Let’s Play Wonderboy – The Dragon’s Trap (PS4)

We were originally hoping to have another magic girl-related video to follow up on the recent Sailor Moon Crystal LE unboxing we posted a few weeks back, but DotEmu were kind enough to unleash Wonderboy – The Dragon’s Trap, the highly anticipated Wonderboy 3 remake developed by Lizardcube, and I did a poor job of prioritising my time by playing that instead of working on another video.

This is our first go at a Let’s Play and I am very much out of practice given how poorly I went! Still, it was great fun and we’ll have a review of the game once I’ve had a chance to blitz through the rest of Wonderboy – The Dragon’s Trap.

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