Pokémon GO: Gyms, Pokémon Eggs, and More

The official Japanese Pokémon website recently released some new images and information about Pokémon GO, their upcoming Smartphone game. Most of it relates to basic gameplay elements, but it’s an interesting update for Pokémon fans nonetheless.

According to the update, the availability of Pokémon will largely coincide with their in-game locations. If you live near a large body of water for example, expect to run into water types. Sounds simple enough, but hopefully this doesn’t mean having to scour your local electric power station for an electric type.

Players will also level up as they catch more Pokémon. As you gain more levels you can encounter stronger Pokémon and have access to better items from predetermined locations called PokéStops. Aside from Poké Balls, PokéStops also offer the chance of acquiring Pokémon eggs, which hatch by the familiar method of walking a certain amount of steps.  Evolution also has a role in the game, but it is accomplished in a vastly different way to what we’re used to. Instead of a levelling system, a Pokémon evolves based on when a player catches enough of that kind of Pokémon.

There was also some information about how gyms will work in Pokémon GO. It seems to be focused on base defence rather than one on one battles, with players joining a team upon obtaining a high enough level and dedicating a Pokémon to the protection of the gym from other trainers.

While that’s all the news right now, Pokémon GO is experiencing beta testing in Japan this month, so hopefully we don’t have long to wait until the next update.