J-World Tokyo

Wall poster

J-World is located in Sunshine City, which is a short walk from Ikkebukuro station. Sunshine City is a commercial complex that features a variety of facilities including a shopping centre, an observatory, an aquarium and an office building. J-World is an indoor theme park where you can experience a world of ‘Jump’ anime with One Piece, Dragon Ball and Naruto being the main focus of the park. However, there are also other anime attractions that change from time to time. During our time of visit they were Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures, Kuroko no Basuke, Gintama and Haikyu.



There are two types of tickets. One is just for admission costing 800 yen. The other being an unlimited attractions pass giving you access to all rides/attractions for 2600 yen. Tourists with a valid passport receive discount on their tickets and a guide book. After 5pm, you will be able to buy a discounted unlimited pass for 1800 yen, which was what we did. In the park you will be able to take pictures with just about anything you see. There are so many areas you can go to and cool replicas of the anime’s environment. You might even feel like you are being transported into the actual anime just being here. These areas have mini carnival games where you stand a chance to win merch such as a mini canvas bag, badges and postcards for 500 yen each try. The most popular one was Kuroko no Basuke at the time of our visit with so many fans retrying over and over again to win every single thing they can.

One piece gashapon

Chopper ride

Entering the theme park, you are greeted with a Chopper Carousel and limited edition one piece gashapons that you can only find here. We decided not to explore the One Piece area yet and moved onto the next area, which was Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures.

Jojo bizarre

Nothing special here but mini carnival games where you can win Jojo merch.

Jump posters

The walls are all lined with Jump posters!

Kuroko christmas event

Saw this at the front of J World but totally forgot to find these particular items. The food on the bottom left of the picture looks interesting. Anyways, we got to Kuroko no Basuke’s attraction area next.


Kuroko lockerKuroko posterKuroko trophy

Next we arrive at Haikyu!!


Haikyu 3

Merch you can win playing their mini carnival games.

Haikyu 2
Haikyu 4Haikyu game

There’s even a volleyball simulation game (kinda) where you can practice your volleyball skills. Press the buttons as they light up before it goes off!

Gintama town next!!

Gintama entrance


Now with the small attractions done, we started off with Dragon Ball

DBZ entrance

DBZ raditz

DBZ capsule

There are two attractions here. The first one is a quest to collect all 7 dragonballs with a dragon radar in 15 minutes. You collect 1 dragon ball for each station that you pass. Once completed, we had to take it down a long flight of stairs and summon Shenron. We received an English guidebook to help with completing each quest otherwise everything is in Japanese. The other is to shoot kamehameha with Goku (no photos allowed sadly…).

One Piece attraction park is the biggest with a Chopper quest, “Soldier Dock” Adventure and Chopper carousel mentioned earlier. We started off doing ‘Chopper quest’.

One piece chopper questOne piece chopper quest (2)
12244346_10153425186623800_3815263624071836198_o (1)

Chopper Quest involved helping Chopper collect ingredients to save a bloated Luffy who has eaten too much food. We received a backpack with chopper hanging out of it communicating with us as we went through each station. Although everything is in Japanese, we were given an English guidebook to help get us through. This quest was very hard because we were only allowed one try per quest and a time limit of 15 minutes.

Finally we finished off at Naruto, which is a walk through attraction relaying on instructions through a receiver.

Naruto world

Naruto gashapons

Limited edition J World Naruto Gashapons!! Got all 4 of them!

Unfortunately we weren’t able to take pictures while in the park so you will have to go to J World and see for yourself. Try to make it at 5pm or later and take advantage of the night pass. Another perk for going at night is, no queue! After naruto attraction park, you exit into a food court and their foods are all anime themed. There is also a J World Store for more exclusive items you can purchase as souvenirs. There is plenty to see and plenty to buy if you are into all these animes. Best to check their website to see what the current attraction/games are before going.

Website: http://www.namco.co.jp/tp/j-world/en/

Opening times 10am to 10pm. Last entry at 9pm.

Location: Sunshine City World Import Mart 3F, 3-1-3 Higashi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku