One Piece Mugiwara Store in Shibuya, Tokyo

My wife and I had the luxury to visit Japan for the first time and being a big One Piece fan myself visiting the Mugiwara Store was top on the agenda. We went to Tokyo and Osaka’s Mugiwara Store, two in Tokyo and one in Osaka. In this post I am solely focusing on the Mugiwara Store in Shibuya, Tokyo. This is the first permanent Mugiwara store to open in Japan and it has been three years since its grand opening.

After a tiring day exploring Shibuya from game centres to shopping to eating, we randomly walked around looking for a cafe to have a drink. We turned a corner and decided to walk down that path hoping there were cafes at the end of the street. However, we ended up at a shopping mall, Parco. Parco is a big shopping mall divided into part 1, 2 and 3 and we happened to stumble across Part 1, which is also where the Mugiwara Store is. Entering the building we took the lift up to level 6 where our Mugiwara Store is. To our surprise lift no. 3 opened and the inside of the lift has Luffy and his crew wallpapered everywhere. What a day of surprises this has been so far!

lift 1

lift 2

Finally we arrived at the Mugiwara Store!!

store front

Looking through other posts about this store, I noticed the life size figures change throughout the year. Currently it’s young Sabo, Ace and Luffy, whereas previously they have had Shanks handing down his straw hat to Luffy.

3 brothers

A large Zoro statue in the centre of the store front promoting Zoro’s birthday which was on the 11th of November.


The whole store itself is dedicated to One Piece and you won’t find anything unrelated to One Piece here. You will pretty much find something related to all the main characters in One Piece here. So better remember to bring extra cash along so you won’t regret leaving without your favourite items.

3 years since their grand opening


figures for sale

merch 3


merch 5


zoro birthday + thousand sunny

Very strict on NO selfie sticks. Don’t want to damage anything you can’t afford to pay for.

eichiro oda

Specially drawn and signed by the Eiichiro Oda himself.

one piece wanted posters

One Piece Mugiwara Store has a reward program where every 500 yen (AUD$5.66) entitles you to one stamp. Once you reach 10 stamps you get a mini wanted poster starting with Luffy!! Once you receive 10 stamps on the first card they will give you another card with the respective character wanted poster you will receive next. Unfortunately I threw away my Luffy rewards card without knowing each card has a different artwork on it.



4 more stamps and I get nico robin wooo!! Once you receive all the mugiwara crew mini wanted posters, you will receive a thousand sunny poster next followed by any choice of big wanted posters worth 600 yen each (AUD$6.80).

The store is only 7 minutes walk from the subway and it is open daily 10am to 9.30pm.


6F Shibuya PARCO PART 1, 15-1 Udagawa-cho,Shibuya-ku Tokyo