Kingdom Hearts World Tour

Kingdom Hearts Orchestra -World Tour-

It has finally happened. The Kingdom Hearts series has gone the way that the Final Fantasy, Pokémon and Zelda series have with Distant Worlds, Symphonic Evolutions and Symphony of the Goddesses respectively. The official Japanese Kingdom Hearts Twitter account announced on the 28th of April that an orchestral concert of music from the series will be on world tour during 2017.

So far only the dates for performances held in Tokyo, Paris, London, Singapre, Shanghai, Los Angeles, and New York have been announced, with the first performance being held on the 10th of March in Tokyo next year. Along with the world tour concert, it appears that there is a second concert being held only in Japan titled First Breath, with the first of the performances beginning in August this year.

World tour sales have already begun for the performances listed, with VIP tickets going for $189USD. VIP tickets are limited to 150 for each performance and include a pass for an after show Meet&Greet with Kingdom Hearts series composer Yoko Shimomura. The cheapest available tickets seem to be around the $50USD price range, and are already sold out for London and New York performances.

In an ideal world the concert will make it’s way to Australia, but at the moment the possibility of that happening is anyone’s guess. Australia was lucky enough to have Distant Worlds, Symphonic Evolutions and Symphony of the Goddesses visit at least once, with the latest Distant Worlds: Intimate Music from Final Fantasy concerts selling out (bring back the main concert, Square). I mean, it claims to be a world tour, and Australia is part of said world, so surely it’ll make it’s way down here, right? Right?

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