Chara Hobby 2015 News & Announcements – HGBF Super Fumina and More!

Currently being held in Japan, the Chara Hobby 2015 show is showcasing new announcements and upcoming model kits from Bandai. Our man on the ground Mr. Waffle has sent some pics back to the mothership of what’s on display, including more for Iron Orphans and the much awaited HGBF Super Fumina from the final episode of Build Fighters Try!

For Build Fighters we have HGBF Super Fumina along with Kamiki Burning Gundam!




Master GradeRX-78-2 The Origin Gundam, on sale in November. This looks amazing!


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More from the upcoming Iron Orphans series. The Barbatos 1/100 inner frame is looking quite nice.

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Perfect Grade 1/60 Unicorn Banshee continues to look absolutely amazing.



Some G-Reco, inclusing a very fetching custom Grimoire



And we also got a look at some of the new Star Wars stuff from Bandai – 1/144 Slave 1 and 1/12 Boba Fett kits!




And that’s it for us from Chara Hobby 2015! A huge thanks to Mr. Waffle for shooting me the pics! What are you most looking forward to from the show? Leave a comment below and let us know!