Kingdom Hearts III at E3

At E3 SquareEnix finally showed off new footage from Kingdom Hearts III. Yes – we’ve been waiting a while.

What can I say – it looks fast paced, Sora looks cool and just plain awesome! I’m interested to see what Disney worlds they include and look forward to playing it through with my little girl, I know she’ll get a kick out of it. These games instantly make me feel nostalgic with the sense of magic they create!

Kingdom Hearts III is currently set for PS4 and Xbox One I’ve heard rumours for late 2016, but guess we will just have to sit tight.

Watch the E3 Footage Now:

2 thoughts on “Kingdom Hearts III at E3”

  1. I have to admit I’m also pretty excited – has been a long time since I played through the originals, though the remasters were apparently very good (started playing the first but haven’t finished it, and have the second one in my pile of shame!).

  2. I play the second one every now and then, there are still some treasure chests I am missing on one of the later levels (AAARRRGH) so I am REALLY looking forward to this new release. Some of the new weapons look cool, a bit disappointed in the Aladdin world again, I didn’t like that one much.

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