Kingdom Hearts Unchained X Australian Release

It has taken a little while, but the mobile game Kingdom Hearts Unchained X has finally made its way to Aussie shores. The free-to-play app has enjoyed a large following in North America, and is now available for download to iOS and Android devices from Australian app stores.

As the game has been available in North America since April, there are plenty of quests and updates for Aussie newcomers to enjoy. Unfortunately this also means plenty of in-game events have already come and gone. For example, a Zootopia event with Judy and Nick costumes finished last month, and many quests containing important medal power ups are no longer available. Hopefully these events and costumes will be made available again for European and Australian fans only just starting the game.

It’s not all bad news though, in celebration for the world wide launch of Kingdom Hearts Unchained X, a special Aqua HD medal will be given to all players who log into the game this week. Medals are used by players in the game to power up keyblades and take down tougher enemies, so a special one-time medal is not something to be ignored.

More details on the game itself, including an announcement trailer from last year’s E3, can be viewed in a previous article about the North American release. If the charming visuals, Disney character ensemble, and the simple but effective game-play still hasn’t won you over,  it makes for a good distraction until Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue and Kingdom Hearts 3 make their debut.