Kingdom Hearts Unchained X North American Release

Square Enix continues its trend of releasing new additions to the Kingdom Hearts series that are not titled Kingdom Hearts III. Tomorrow North American fans get to experience a new title in the series, Kingdom Hearts Unchained X, a free-to-play app exclusive to iOS and Android devices (however it does have in-app purchases).

The game functions as the true beginning of the series, taking place before the Keyblade War when keyblade wielders were a dime a dozen. The player acts as one of these keyblade bearers, creating their own avatar and joining one of several factions run by the mysterious Foretellers. A cat-like creature called a ‘Chirithy’ will act as a guide in the game.

The player is then tasked with protecting the realms and collecting medals, all while meeting a familiar cast of Disney characters, competing and cooperating with other players, and participating in live events. In doing so, the lore and background of the Kingdom Hearts series is explored, as well as the role of the Foretellers. While their impact on the series is yet unknown, their inclusion in the Kingdom Hearts 2.8 prologue seems to hint they will have some connection to the events of Kingdom Hearts III.

While the game has been available in Japan since late 2015, this is the first time fans will be able to enjoy the game in an English format. A European and Australian release date is currently unknown, but it seems unlikely the game won’t have a wider app store release. Fingers crossed.

If you’re unfamiliar with the game, you can check out the announcement trailer released during last year’s E3 below.