Free updates for Final Fantasy XV

Along with the DLC that is already on the way, Square Enix just announced plans to steadily release free updates as well. From general quality of life improvements for the game, to some very appreciated added content, it seems like Final Fantasy XV will continue to be relevent for some time to come. Outlined in his blog post here, Tabata has stated that the wildly positive response they have received has given them the opportunity to continue developing the game beyond what they originally intended.

Starting off with some changes to help improve the experience in Chapter 13, possibly the most unpopular part of the game, additional scenes will also be included to expand on plot points that left people asking more questions than were answered in relation to certain characters. Made specifically for these updates, Square has expressed that it will take time to localise the scenes for each language and to bring them up to scratch with the of the rest of the game. What’s more, the possibility of adding in new playable characters as well as customisation has been brought to the table. New Game Plus options to create more challenging playthroughs and limited time events which will include new bosses and hunts are also in the works.

Overall it seems like there will be an abundance of new content to enjoy over the coming months, and I’m personally very happy to see the development team look at what the fans are saying and putting in the effort to make changes and additions to elevate the quality of the game. Kudos to you, Square, on the free updates, and I hope to see Final Fantasy XV  become something even greater in the future than what it already is in the present.



Just slyly going to mention that it would be really neat to raise the cap on the amount of photos that can be stored at one time on the camera. If anyone with some form of power to make that happen somehow sees this then my adventure within this game will be unparalleled. Until the updates start to roll out, however, I’ll continue to make my way through the post game and love what has already been done with it.