Sword Art Online Ordinal Scale Trailer

A subtitled movie trailer for Sword Art Online Ordinal Scale has been uploaded to YouTube. Planned for release in 2017, the SAO film will follow Kirito, Asuna, and friends and their experience with the new augmented reality game, ‘Ordinal Scale’. As shown in the trailer, ‘Ordinal Scale’ is an immensely popular game that allows for augmented reality on the go. But danger is never far from rearing its head when Kirito and Asuna get involved with a new game, and soon strange happenings begin to unveil themselves.

Sword Art Online Ordinal Scale will be set after ‘Mother’s Rosario’, the most recent SAO arc. It comprises of a whole new story written by the creator of the light novel series the anime is based on, Reki Kawahara. Tomohiko Ito, the director of the previous seasons of SAO, will also be directing the movie. Check out the trailer below, and you can also visit the official US website for the movie for more information.