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AVCon 2016 is on this weekend in Adelaide

AVCon is back for 2016, and we’ll be there to join Adelaide as we do our otaku thing this weekend from 15th-17th July 2016.

The three-day event organised by Team AVCon is stacked with panels, cosplaying, anime screenings, gaming tournaments and special appearances by gaming and anime voice actress Caitlin Glass plus the Good Game Team as well. Like all good conventions there’s bound to be plenty of merch and specials on-hand to encourage you to part with your money (something we’re good at doing), general gaming areas and the return of one of my personal favourite sections, Retrospekt’s retro gaming room.

The latter even has an X-Men vs Street Fighter tournament (the brilliant Saturn port of course) on Sunday, and I have a feeling I might have to check that one out because there should never be a lack of love for the Saturn. In fact, let’s all bask in the beauty that is Sega and Capcom circa 1998 for a few minutes:

I know I feel like I’ve become a better person now, and so have you by watching the above video.

Back on topic, similar to last year, we’ll put together our thoughts post-convention and add in some photos of cosplayers and other interesting stuff we stumble across.

In the meantime you can buy tickets and get more info via their website (www.avcon.org.au) or follow them on social media (Facebook/Twitter/YouTube/Instagram).

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