Nintendo’s Plans Revealed

With E3 a week away, news is pouring in about what you should expect to see. A short while ago Nintendo’s plans were announced and they were, let’s say, mildly disappointing. Basically, they said that the only game that would be playable would be the new Legend of Zelda. They also said that they would be […]

Review: Tokyo Ghoul Manga Vol 3 & 4

Most manga fanatics are familiar with Tokyo Ghoul by now, and I think it starts to really take off in the 3rd and 4th volumes as the world is a bit more fleshed out, and the initial impression of ghouls beating up on each other and preying on random people in the darkness is scratched away into […]

Final Fantasy XII Remaster YISS

Final Fantasy XII HD Remaster Announced!

To stay on course with the recent posts on HD remakes and Final Fantasy, it has been announced that Final Fantasy XII will be receiving the same treatment as many of its brethren in the way of a remaster. As of the announcement trailer, a decent amount of information regarding what exactly will be changed from the original […]

bleach collection feature image

Review: Bleach Movie Collection (DVD)

As a staple shounen for many years, Bleach was, unsurprisingly, one of the shows I was introduced to when I first started watching anime. That being said, I haven’t actually finished watching all of the show yet, having only made it to episode 266 before distracting myself with the numerous selection of other shows that Japanese animation has to […]