Works of VISUAL WORKS, a Square Enix Digital Art Exhibition

Square Enix, the company behind Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, and Kingdom Hearts, have teamed up with the Ooka Makoto Kotoba Museum  to bring us the “Works of VISUAL WORKS”, a digital art exhibition in Mishima, Japan.

The exhibit will be showcasing the art of Square’s CG production department, Visual Works. The focus will be on CGI movie production, and a variety of documentaries about the making of Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest games will be available for viewing at the museum. This will include deleted scenes from the games, the process of lighting and motion capture, and detail how the worlds within the games are constructed. High quality prints of character renders will also be exhibited, including but not limited to Final Fantasy characters such as Cloud Strife, Yuna, Tidus, and Lightning.

If that’s not enough, real props and costumes, such as Genesis’ coat from Final Fantasy Crisis Core and Cloud Strife’s Buster Sword will also be on display alongside the digital exhibitions.

The Visual Works exhibit opened on March 26 and will be open until August 31, and is yet another example of something fans outside of Japan will have to admire from afar. But before we all dwell in our collective disappointment,  check out a quick taster for the Square Enix exhibition below.