Black Butler – Sebastian Michaelis character doll

Fans of the popular series Kuroshitsuji aka Black Butler take note: Sebastian Michaelis is being released in Asian ball joint doll form on Christmas Day 2015. Asian ball joint dolls (BJDs) are detailed articulated dolls with ball and socket joints cast in polyurethane resin. BJDs are primarily intended for adult collectors and customisers.

Coming in at about 70 centimetres tall, Sebastian is a licensed character doll being released as a collaboration between Korean company Immortality of Soul and Dolk Station. The official Dolk page for information about Sebastian’s release can be found here. Notably, Immortality of Soul has also previously released a Ciel doll (who will be re-released in another version in the northern hemisphere’s winter) as well as two different versions of Attack on Titan’s Levi.

Sebastian will be available to order from the Dolk website with a limited order period starting on 25 December at 19:00 Tokyo time and ending 31 January 2016. He has a truly hefty price tag but looks absolutely spot-on and would be an amazing addition to any fan’s collection. Maybe it’s not too late to ask for some money for Christmas?!