The Last Of Us 2 speculation

With Naughty Dog letting it slip that The Last Of Us 2 is going to be a reality, the team over at Game Rant posted an interesting wish list on what they’d like to see in a sequel.

I missed The Last Of Us on the PS3 and opted for the PS4 remaster when I picked up my console last year and absolutely loved it. There seemed to be a fair whack of criticism for the game’s linearity and lack of “gamey” stuff, but I felt it thrived in creating detail in its linear world and the use of storytelling techniques made it a really interesting and engaging journey. In fact, I went as far as to jump straight into the New Game Plus immediately after my first playthrough, something I haven’t done in years for a story-driven game.

That being said, Game Rant’s article made me have a stop and think about what I’d like to see. For me I think it would be interesting to use the sequel as a way to flesh out more back story, especially on how the epidemic started, and potentially find a different character to explore the world to bring the story full-circle by linking up with Joel and Ellie as part of the broader narrative.

I don’t mind if the sequel remains focused, but one thing I didn’t like about The Last Of Us is that you didn’t get the chance to revisit different areas. While this made sense from a story perspective, from a gameplay perspective the ability to explore old areas could be fun as well.

Ultimately I’m sure I’ll snap it up when it gets released. So favourable was the impression it left on me that it’s encouraged me to look into Uncharted, a series I neglected as I didn’t enjoy the shooter mechanics when I tried a demo of the first title. With the PS4 remasters on the way though, it probably isn’t a bad thing I’ve waited until now to get into them!