7 Meter Long Monster Musume Pillow is a Real Thing You Can Buy

Are you a Monster Musume fan with a Lamia-shaped hole in your life and 100,000 yen to burn? Then this is the dakimakura for you! At a whopping seven meters long, this specially manufactured pillow features a full-length illustration of MonMusu’s Miia.


After going on sale as pictured above at the Monster Musume booth at last weekend’s Comiket 88 event in Japan and subsequently selling out of the limited number quickly, the official Monster Musume twitter account announced that online store Hobidas Market would be opening orders for another run of the both figurative and literal monster pillow, accompanied by a picture of one possible use:



At 100,000 yen (just shy of $1100AUD!) this pillow is strictly for the hardcore MonMusu enthusiast, and while I’ve quite enjoyed the series so far I don’t think I’m quite hardcore enough for this particular merch. If your Japanese is up to scratch (mine sure isn’t) the Comic Ryu Youtube Channel has a series of videos on the pillow from sketch to manufacturing to finished product – producing something like this is quite a feat in and of itself. To get a proper idea of the sheer insanity that is a seven meter long lamia pillow, check out their video below from 1:09 as we get a tail-to-top trip down the pillow. Stay wacky, Japan.