Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Wow what an exciting announcement from E3! The Final Fantasy 7 remake is something that we have all been eagerly waiting for so many years! I had to literally pick my jaw of the ground while watching the trailer – yes a little nerdgasm was had.

Not a lot has been revealed about the remake other than Tetsuya Nomura mentioning that it won’t be a ’simple remake’ and that scenario writer Kazushige Nojima will be working on new story content for the title.

While we wait for the game to be released – let’s watch the trailer 100 more times – Enjoy!:

1 thought on “Final Fantasy 7 Remake”

  1. This is something I would buy a new console for, and I really hope it can live up to expectations.
    A few years ago they were talking about doing it, then I think they scrapped the idea because the game is just too big to re-make exactly as is, and they would only be releasing a digitally re-mastered version instead. not sure what happened with that either.

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